Friday, November 14, 2008

25 years and counting

It wasn't too long ago in the 90s when my eldest sister Eileen visited from the U.S. to celebrate her homecoming with her fellow high school jubilarians at St. Paul QC.  Half reluctantly, I accompanied her as an official videographer of their event and captured on VHS how women in their early forties acted in their teens again and enjoyed a big, hearty laugh in the process.

I will admit to having had a good chuckle myself, especially when Eileen and her troop of dancers stepped on stage and hustled to Gary V.'s HATAW NA. Apparently, my sis had successfully built a reputation as the batch's resident agogo dancer, and played that role to the hilt during their number, punctuating the routine with a full split on center stage while the others displayed their vogue poses around her. 

All right, so Eileen's baby brother is attending his high school homecoming in December this year, and I do not know if I'm going to have a hearty laugh at all during this event. I had my doubts when classmate Ramby invited me to some batch core group meetings last year---hmm, so much work for one night of making fun of ourselves. But heck, it's one night in 25 years, so I might as well give it the little I've got despite my already crazy schedule.

Last night, my classmates and I met up for a supposed night of poker and singing--one of several pocket activities building momentum to our batch event in December. Surprise--only 5 of us attended. But I fret not; many of us from 4A, I understand, are joining a wreath laying for our national hero at Rizal Park on November 29--nerds unite!  Tonight, after my seminar at work, I shall be heading to KATIPS for another of so many night outs with fellow AHS 83 alums. And let's not forget that gig on November 22 at STRUMMS on Jupiter street in Makati. Oh, how stressful....

But it feels like a good kind of stress. You see, in all these activities I am in the company of people I grew up with--the same bunch (albeit the the thinning hair and growing pot bellies) that have had a significant impact on who I have become. Add to this the friends I have recently rediscovered if not found for the first time in 25 years--Eric, Sio, Nicky, Martin, Alvin, Adel, Raul, Chito, Jojo, Bernie, Rudy--the number grows as we speak. O happy problem.

It's going to be a long 3 weeks before December 6. But it's been a longer 25 years. I feel the homecoming will do me good. And I'm counting on it.

Here's your video invite to our reunion.