Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My birthday martini

Tell me, must I be shaken or stirred by this birthday message that awaited me at the lobby of our office yesterday, January 26 (2 days late as my birthday fell on a Saturday)?

Man of Style

This dashing PR and Advertising man
is the resident heartthrob of
Euro RSCG Manila,
known for his quiet presence,
boyish good looks and chic style.
He is a product of exceptional brilliance
in accordance to the strict standards of
28 years of Agatep tradition.
Distinction has been recognized under the name
Norman since 1966.

Born and raised in Quezon City, Philippines
1 of 5 BROS & SIS  BS MGMT 87 AB COMM 88 (ADMU)

All right, so a martini is traditionally made with gin, and the classic drink is often stirred so as not to bruise the alcohol (whatever that means) though James Bond used to insist that his poison of choice be: shaken, not stirred. 

And me on this birthday message? Times have changed and today's bars often replace gin with the other clear spirit, vodka. Then there's Bond in the 2006 Casino Royale flick who, when asked about his martini, retorts: Does it look like I give a damn? While my supposed "quiet presence" might seem as aloof as Daniel Craig's Bond, I will at least admit to being slightly moved by my birthday poster.

So there. Thanks to fellow creatives and occasional drinking buddies Jojo and Lambert for the unique gift.

Meanwhile, should you wish to fix yourself a Dirty Martini, put together 6 parts of vodka (or gin), 1 part dry vermouth, and add a splash of the brine from a bottle of olives.  It's the olive juice that give this martini its twist. Shake or stir as you prefer.

I'm mixing one tonight.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Once more with feeling

During a post-Christmas dinner with close friends last December 28, Rica pointed out that I looked more tired than ever. Funny, I thought, since I was done quite early with all the panic-shopping (I tend to overdo the spending bit) precisely because I wanted a less stressed holiday; however, I admitted I was still reeling from the company Christmas bash that I organize every year (I tend to overdo that too). She suggested my haggardness was a result of everything that had elapsed in December, including all the activity during my high school reunion (come to think of it, I overdid my involvement there, didn't I?). 

There and then I began to sense the weight of the entire month descend upon my shoulders, and it didn't feel good. Plus the thought of the coming new year and my 43rd birthday rushing by seemed only to add to the burden--until all went numb.

But some days have passed since then. It's January 26th, and as I type from my laptop, a solar eclipse during the lunar new year is taking shape in front of me, outside my window. Not that it means anything to me except that the Earth has moved, and I with it, and perhaps during that brief period I've found some time to recover and to start feeling again.

I guess all I mean is that I'm back to writing. And boy, is there much to say.