Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I might miss while on vacation

All right. So I'm on a 3-week vacation in the U.S. Away from the daily grind in Manila. Now deep into leisure mode, I realize it's hard not to miss some things one lives with nearly every day--no matter how maddening they may be. So after 3 days here in San Francisco, here's a partial list of things I sort of miss:

1. The nasty drive to work. If not for my iPod, I would never survive traffic in Manila.

2. The tortured sound of coffee beans grinding in the machine. The gadget is right next to my desk. At least the aroma is deeply satisfying.

3. Some aimless meetings conducted by people without a clear agenda. Time to daydream.

4. Advertising briefs that read more like a product history. Go figure.

5. At lunchtime, security guards at the mall who constantly grope, pretending to be searching for something.

6. Attendants at the food stalls who insist on calling everyone: Ma'am/Sir (both in a single breath).

7. Back at work, the acrid building restrooms and the maintenance folk who scrimp on Lysol.

8. Late afternoon emails alerting you that the report due next week is due tonight instead.

9. The late night drive home (to avoid the traffic) and the unlit concrete barriers along the highway that one must dodge to escape tragedy.

10. Running at the rain. It's the only time I get, and the monsoons are getting frequent. But heck, I need the exercise.

Yeah, so I might miss some things in Manila though I do not necessarily pine for them. Besides, would I miss up on the chance to catch up with family and friends whom I have not seen in ages? Clearly not.

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monique said...

you are hilarious! enjoy your vacation!!!!